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last update 27 Oct 2016


This global art project, launched in January, 2014  celebrates our uniqueness and our interdependence.

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Gunpowder Park, London 2006

Art of Common Space / Gunpowder Soundscape featuring Robert Wilson and participants in the Gunpowder Park / Robert Wilson workshop. Curated and produced by Eileen Haring Woods and David Chapman

Icons of Democracy - a work in progress

a new transnational arts project revealing what democracy means to people around the world now.

GPM Inaugural Convening The Hague, September 9-11 2016


Eamonn McCabe, multi-award winning former Picture Editor at The Guardian. Eamonn appears regularly on radio and T.V. has exhibited widely in Britain with work in The National Portrait Gallery collection, London.


Bill Jackson has won many national and international awards and is the first on record to have received 3 awards from the RPS International Print Award. He has shown in major galleries and museums worldwide.


Stephen Wolfenden  has been a professional photographer for over 45 years with a wide experience in theatre, industrial and architectural photography.  


Eileen Haring Woods is a participatory artist, curator and producer whose interests and collaborative work focuses on contemporary social and cultural issues, from the local to the international.


Peter Everard Smith has been shooting the world of music and performing arts for over 40 years and many of his iconic photographs are in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery London and in many publications and album covers.

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Haring Woods Studio is an international group of artists, curators, writers, thinkers and do-ers,

who share an interest in the power of the arts.  This site showcases our current projects

and our archive of work over 25 years.

Souvenirs are a pebble, a leaf, a divine piece of kitsch, a mass produced novelty item linked only to a place by the inclusion of the place name, an inappropriate or comical representation of a place,  or a handcrafted artwork sensitively commemorating the experience of a specific place. These are all definitions of souvenirs. From prehistoric times to ancient civilizations, from pilgrim journeys to international holidays, the temptation to acquire and collect souvenirs as objects of memory has remained strong and evolved into a massive industry.   These ‘must have’ objects of memories of ‘there and then’ become prize displays in glass fronted cabinets, are relegated to the back of the cupboard, off loaded at car boot sales.  


The weird and wonderful world of souvenirs as objects of memory and place has long been an interest of Eileen Haring Woods and fate has connected her with Deborah Jaffé, an avid collector and expert on the cultural history and production of souvenirs, with a particular passion for seaside souvenirs.


Over a week in the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout a new 4 part installation presents a a selection of souvenirs from Eileen and Deborah's collection, a trip around the world via Bill Jackson's 3D Viewmaster slide collection, a new hand crafted map of Aldeburgh by local residents and a chance to contribute ideas for a new souvenir of Aldeburgh.  

And, for sale, Deborah Jaffe's hand made ceramics referencing seaside experiences.


View Eileen's new film, Memory as Object here.




GPM Mayors 11.09.2016