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Haring Woods Studio, formed by Eileen Haring Woods and Michael Woods in 1996  is an international, interdisciplinary creative team of artists, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, academics, cultural and political consultants.  


HWS has been commissioned by landmark venues, local authorities, property developers, Arts Council England, international brands, media groups and the United Nations Environment Programme.  We have a track record of collaborations and commissions with arts oganisations, local government and public / private sector partnerships.


Previously based in London and now in Suffolk, near the east coast of England, our studio partners located around the world inform and advise our interdisciplinary creative practice. Our work has included producing new arts and entertainment initiatives, cultural and business strategies for public and private spaces, new models of public engagement to inform policy and development, public space design and use, commercial design and promotion.  


Over the past ten years our work has been primarily large scale, long term, site specific projects committed to raising awareness and fostering transnational and interdependent solutions to global social, economic and environmental challenges through arts and culture.


We are currently focusing on projects initiated by Eileen Haring Woods and Michael Woods.



This website includes documentation of our work over the past thirty years.


This site incorporates the archive for six major publicly funded initiatives we were responsible for developing and delivering and which until recently had their own websites; Gunpowder Park, Green Heart Partnership, The Art of Common Space, Bright Sparks, Perception Peterborough and Jaywick Martello Tower. We hope this valuable archive will continue to inform and inspire students and professionals engaged in these complex public/private sector partnerships.