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0°00 Navigation by artist Simon Faithfull, is a film published in extracts online which records Faithfull’s physical journey along the Meridian line. Negotiating all obstacles and individuals encountered as he attempts to cross private property, the M25 and Gunpowder Park, Faithfull’s path was recorded by a single camera as a slapstick film of one man’s epic journey.


0°00 Navigation not only explores the historical and imperial politics of the common construct of time, but will inevitably become a survey of all types of spaces that constitute our land.


The final completed version of the film was premiered at Gunpowder Park in March 2009.

The Energy Cafe at the Field Station by Amy Plant + Ella Gibbs (Pilot Publishing) reinvigorated Gunpowder Park with a feeling of the original ‘commons’ where land was used as a resource for all. The construction of the Energy Café, which began in Autumn 2008, turned normal planning procedures on its head, and developed organically out of necessity, through people’s involvement from the local area. Pilot Publishing worked with ecologists, permaculture specialists and the local community to harvest wild food from Gunpowder Park and source farm or home-grown produce within a five mile radius.


Through to March 2009, Pilot Publishing experimented with sustainable ways of cooking and constrcuted an off grid kitchen in Gunpowder Park.  Activities included harvesting walks and events, permaculture workshops and research into renewable energy to create a sustainable social facility that can act as a pilot for a common space to meet, share ideas, exchange local knowledge and develop a greater understanding of the landscape by those who use it.


The Energy Cafe continues its journey.....

Energy Cafe

Being in Common is a project by Proboscis which aims to enable people to extend and alter their experiences and understanding of ‘common space’. Part one was an exploration of what ‘common space’ means to a range of people from both UK and abroad. A guiding principle of the project will be to explore senses of kinship and belonging to common spaces as well as the senses of property and ownership. Our choice of participants will allow responses on common space that may consider and include the marketplace and shopping centre as well as air, water and radio space, and the park or ‘wilderness’. This may open up thinking on the ways in which spaces are or are not ‘common’ and the formal and informal mediation, regulation and control of them. Part two was the design and creation of a series of artistic responses to the results of the explorations – a ‘Catalogue of Ideas’ that will include both 2D and 3D works for temporary inclusion in the Park itself that can be directly experienced by visitors.


Through a series of 'Cultural Probes' where international participants from a range of disciplines and cultures are asked to explore their notion of 'common' both conceptually and physically. Proboscis will use this material to inspire the design and creation of a series of artistic responses - a 'Catalogue of Ideas' with 2D and 3D works sited in Gunpowder Park for visitors to experience. These interventions may include physical objects and participatory, collaborative or interactive elements as well as drawings, photographs and sketches, video and online publications, and a series of 'traces' such as signs, sounds, walks or objects within Gunpowder Park for visitors to encounter and /or collect.  Exploration Packs were sent to participants around the world to explore what 'common space' means.

being_in_common_responses siphonimages3 siphonimages4

The Siphonophiora project used small reactive devices situated in one of Gunpowder Parks lakes to record and observe environmental data. Borrowing its name from a class of marine invertebrates, Siphonophora is an interactive research project by Rob Davis and Usman Haque. The small reactive devices tracked light, temperature, pH levels and other pond life activity, feeding this information live onto, a website which collects environmental data worldwide and which will compare this information with other natrual sites all over the world.


The small collection of devices also sent information via infra red to small devices installed in a large bird hide that over looks the lake;  by plugging in your own small headphone sockets you could listen to the sound of the water.

Usman Haque



Art of Common Space

The Energy Cafe at the Field Station

0°00 Navigation

Being in Common  Proboscis

Siphonophora   Rob Davis & Usman Haque

experience energy cafe

0°00 Navigation

Art of Common Space Experience