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Haring Woods was commissioned by the Campaign for Wool to produce a family friendly celebration on Blackfriars Bridge to honour HRH Queen Elizabeth on the occassion of her Diamond Jubilee.


HRH Prince of Wales is the Patron for the Campaign, which was one of only four charities priviledged to have space on the bridges for the river pageant.


Our costumes and fabric design celebrated the heritage and many uses of wool, and guests waved our extravagant branded battons as the Queen passed.  Puppetteer groups Sparkle and Dark and Smoking Apples and their joyfull sheep puppets entertained guests, the public and the many police- as did our dance troupe, led by choreographer Bev Jarvis.


In hindsight, our original concept of giant articulated sheep puppets managed by puppeteers with hats like meadows, gamboling along the would have been a bridge event too far- thanks to cold, whirling winds and almost constant rain.

diamond jubilee

Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant  June 3 2012

WOOL wool2 Jubilee puppeteers 3 june 2012