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The project: The Growing Room is a 30 minute film which captures the perceptions of the people who live, work, play and study in the borough of Enfield in north London about the greening of the Hertford Road area.  It was developed by the Haring Woods team with artist Karen Lois Whiteread.


The idea: A major programme of improvements to the Hertford Road is currently underway and this consultation process was commissioned by the London Borough of Enfield Highways and Parks Department to ensure a democratic community engagement and a well informed decision making process.

As one of London’s largest boroughs, over two thirds of Enfield are open spaces or green belt land with a wealth of country and urban parks, farmland and fields. However, when walking or driving down the Hertford Road not much greenery is visible.


The work: Haring Woods Associates commissioned artist Karen Lois Whiteread to work with people of Enfield to consider what ideas they would have for the ‘Greening of the Hertford Road’. In particular, what could be done to improve the unused land on the corner of Painters Lane and the entrance into Enfield at the Holmesdale Tunnel boundary. Karen set up a mobile container called ‘The Growing Room’ on the Hertford Road, at the corner of Painter’s Lane, providing a friendly, neutral space, where the community would be encouraged to voice their hopes, fears and aspirations about their local environment. In addition she ran creative workshops with children and young people from three local schools, capturing their ideas for the ‘Greening of the Hertford Road’.  


The results: The views expressed on this DVD have been used by Enfield Council to turn the ideas of residents and young people, into real development ideas, such as a new pocket park on the corner of Painters Lane and new more open and green landscaping over the Holmesdale tunnel.







The Growing Room

growingroomintroimage enfieldpocketpark

Proposal for a new Neighbourhood Park follwoing the information gathered during

the Growing Room consultation.