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Poetic Cosmos of the Breath   22 September 2007


Artist and architect Saraceno launched his large new experimental solar dome at dawn which explored the

possibility for future cities that float in the air.  MORE



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Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design Student Residencies  May 2007 and May 2008


For two years Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design  developed residencies for the 2nd Year Part Time Fine Art Students at Gunpowder Park, allowing them to develop their practice outside of the studio context.  

Brandon Ballengee: Ecoventions   Summer 2007


Ballengee led a series of art and ecology study days known as 'Ecoventions' and developed a new installation, the Love Motel, to attract and monitor the mating of anthropods and other nocturnal creatures.

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Greenhouse Britain  March 2006 - ongoing


Newton Harrison and Helen Mayer Harrison led  a major new DEFRA funded initiative considering issues of climate change, the effects of the rising levels of sea water to the coastline of mainland Britain and an increasing world population.

HARK  12 November - 7 December 2007


Artists David Cottridge and David Chapman created an audio-visual installation of stunning images combined with hypnotic sounds to transform our perceptions of landscape.


HIDE  and HIDE 2  13 April - 20 May 2005


HIDE brought together the tutors and students from the University of East London, artist Terry Orchard and Pioneer School, to work with the Gunpowder Park team to address new ideas for small, multi-functional structures for open spaces.

Cascade  March 11 - 30 2005


A mentoring programme devised by CSPACE linking research, education, regeneration and community through the arts, considering aspects of the potential environmental impact of a 2012 Olympics on East London.

Prospect I, II, III and IV   November 2004 - March 2005


A site specific installation by Amanda Hopkins, considering the ecology of a new landscape, from mid November 2004 through March 2005, and Field Station exhibition, March 2005.

Landlines  October 2004  


Artist Simon Lee Dicker produced a major land art piece in Gunpowder Park for the Big Draw.  

Capture  2004  


A land exchange piece by Karen Lois Whiteread, produced in partnership with Wysing Arts, Cambridge.  




Revelation  2004


Artists Paul St Gregory and Maureen Kendal created an interactive online piece which used art and multimedia to reveal views of Gunpowder Park's new landscape that would otherwise remain invisible.

Research Department X  2004


Artist Simon Honey created an interactive CD chronicling the history of Gunpowder Park prior to its redevelopment.  

Gunpowder Park is a 90 hectare new country park in Lee Valley Regional Park, at the top of Greater London. Between 2004 and 2009, Haring Woods developed and delivered a five year research and development programme, focusing on arts, science and the environment which explored the role of open space as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration and knowledge sharing.  Haring Woods’ concept for Gunpowder Park was to use the landscape as a focus for a range of creative professionals to imagine and test out new possibilities for our public spaces. This unprecedented physical space and freedom was provided with the support of Haring Woods’ team of professionals trained as producers, curators, commissioners and arts managers who have extensive experience creating and producing large scale international events.


This experimental program positioned the Park as a significant regional and international resource for research and development into how arts and culture can affect our open spaces. Over the five years, the curatorial policy and producing methodology for Gunpowder Park attracted international artists and organsations across disciplines, such as American theatre designer and artist Robert Wilson, arts and science agency Arts Catalyst who co-produced the 2nd International Artists Airshow, international political and cultural theorist Benjamin Barber, the legendary environmental artists Newton and Helen Harrison and Tomas Saraceno- and many more.


The two core programmes to be developed out of Gunpowder Park were Bright Sparks, a unique R&D funding initiative to explore the physical and social aspects of our open spaces, and the Art of Common Space, an international programme of artist commissions and events exploring the future possibilities of our common spaces.

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