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Huttenfestival de Vlek   Hut Festival ‘The Stain’  Putting the Duchy of Brabant on the (inter)national map.


Railway Zone (Spoorzone), Tilburg, Brabant, The Netherlands  

Saturday 3rd September until Sunday 11th September 2011.


Eileen Woods was invited by colleagues' Observatorium and the producers of De Vlek to participate in this event. Working with Observatorium she helped realise their Home Depot and RTown town register installations, and contributed a blog, 'Post from London' for the event website.  During the event, Eileen filmed Observatorium for the Art&Archicture Journal Press / Film series, and produced a photographic essay of the Spoorzone site. 

Huttenfestival De Vlek




Hut Festival ‘The Stain’ (Huttenfestival de Vlek)  was a unique collaboration of artists, designers, architects, entertainers and visitors of all ages working together to create The Stain’ (‘De Vlek’) a real working village complete with a village square, a theatre, a factory, a pub/restaurant, a large fireplace and a playground.


Why De Vlek, ‘The Stain?  A ‘stain’ is the name that was used to call a (temporary) settlement in times gone by. These settlements were entitled to special rights. The shape of each settlement was determined by the environment, using construction materials that were available at that time. This principle is the inspiration for the idea of Huttenfestival de Vlek.


An impressive list of designers and architects  contributed creative ideas, sketches and drawings for huts and do-it-yourself architecture in the temporary village: Onix Architects from Groningen, Studio Boot from Den Bosch, Detours from Denmark, La Bolleur from Eindhoven, Observatorium from Rotterdam, Frank Havermans  from Heeswijk, Piet Hein Eek from Eindhoven, Hilberink Bosch Architects from Berlicum and 2012 Architecten  from Rotterdam.  A committed group of building professionals joined the teams to realise the designs, with entertainers and chefs bringing the village to life.