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Andre Dekker, Geert van de Camp, and Ruud Reutelingsperger are a Rotterdam based artist group working together as Observatorium. Since 1997 they have been commited to creating relationships between art, landscape and society. They like their artworks to be a common good, to create a sense of place and to be used.  Noise barriers, urban parks, prisons, slag heaps, railway stations, housing estates, motorways and industrial heritage: these are all part of Observatorium's field of operations. This consortium of three artists has developed a distinctive philosophy and working procedure. They take the grey areas and overlaps of urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and art, and make them productive. Instead of creating autonomous art in public space, Observatorium uses the media of sculpture and installation to make functional facilities.

Professor Benjamin Barber August 2 1939 - April 24 2017.


With profound sadness we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague of twelve years, Dr Benjamin Barber.

On Monday April 24th, Dr Barber died after a four month battle with cancer.  Dr Barber informed and shaped so much of the work of Haring Woods, from the first day we were introduced in 2005 by American artist Robert Wilson at his Watermill Center In NY.


Our work together included Wilson / Gunpowder Park workshops and The Art of Common Space; the Interdependence Movement and the annual Interdependence Day celebrations; Perception Peterborough and for the past three years, the realisation of the Global Parliament of Mayors.  


Jan-Gustav Strandenæs, a Norwegian national, has worked with environment, sustainable development, governance and democracy issues since the 1970´s and always in connection with the UN system. He has extensive NGO experience developed through three decades in almost all continents in the world, speaks several languages and has lectured and given workshops all over the world on the UN, governance, the environment and sustainable development, evaluated projects and organizations, advised governments on relations with civil society, chaired UN meetings and facilitated UN processes on the environment and sustainable development. His work has also included disseminating information and teaching about UN issues. He has followed and worked closely with the UN Commission for Sustainable Development since 1997, worked in different countries in Latin America, and lived and worked in Botswana, Uganda, the US, and Sweden.

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Caroline Wiseman celebrates 27 years of dealing in modern and contemporary British and international art, from London and Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK. In 2014 she and Eileen Haring Woods launched Unique in the Universe, a global art project.


Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary was founded in 1988 and has a constantly changing selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and original prints by important British and international artists. click on works available (above).


Caroline owns and curates the The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, established in 2010, this heritage building on the seafront which hosts week long residencies, exhibitions, special events and partner activities with the Aldeburgh Festival, the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival, Names not Numbers and several more. The Art House, opposite showcases art by many of Britain's most important modern and contemporary artists.

Studio Partners & Associates

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Over the years Caroline has been a consultant to many major private collections and museums including the Musee D'Art Classique a Mougins, voted new museum of the year, 2011, by Apollo Magazine.


Caroline's partner Francis Carnwath maintains connections from his distinguished career as Chairman of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Spitalfieds Trust, Trustee, Whitechapel Gallery, advisor for the Tate Modern, English Heritage, and many more.  

The objects are monumental, symbolic and meaningful, enhanced by use. As a way of communicating their knowledge, Observatorium founded the Open Air University. It presents student workshops and programmes of co-creation.


Andre has worked with us since 2007 as a mentor for our Bright Sparks R&D scheme, participated in the Art of Common Space / Interdependence Day symposium. Eileen was invited to edit Observatorium's book, Big Pieces of Time, and contribute to their project in the Huttenfestival De Vlek.


In September 2014, Andre participated in the Global Parliament of Mayors Planning Session and the Interdisciplinary Workshop.  We continue to explore new projects.

He worked extensively on the UN CSD preparatory process for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 in Brazil. Jan-Gustav also operates as a free-lance adviser as Policy Adviser several international NGOs (ANPED, Brussels, Stakeholder Forum, London) and for Os lo based Pure CSR Consulting.


Jan Gustav has been working with Haring Woods since 2009, when we met through Livcom, the International Awards for Liveable Communities. He participated in our Perception Peterborough city visioning initiative, and worked on two United Nations projects; Place on Earth and Safe Planet .

Renowned political theorist and author of 18 books, including the classic Strong Democracy, the international best-seller Jihad vs. McWorld and  If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities (Yale University Press, 2013) which was the foundation for the Global Parliament of Mayors. Founder of the Interdependence Movement and Interdependence Day celebations.