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Retail Design & Promotion

Under the creative direction of Michael Woods, the family business, Vantage Design became one of the UK's leading retail and promotional design and build companies. With design studios in central London and 60,000 square foot workshop space in Newport in Wales, the company worked closely with high street retailers, department store groups, flagship stores, promotions companies and PR teams to create some of the most successful and memorable window displays, store wide promotions, fashion shows, product launches and exhibitions. From 30 years of work, we've chosen a few of our favourites.


Michael and the company worked with Harrods for over ten years producing landmark promotions which indluded the 72 windows, the exhibition hall, through the store and restaurants. And Christmas Grottoes, store department makeovers, fragrance and cosmetic sites. Major promotions included: French Promotion, Spanish Promotion, To the Ends of the Earth, The Ice Windows. The Italian Promotion, American Christmas, the Nanking porcelain exhibition.


Thanks to the temporary nature of dispay all these projects live only in the archives except- In the Food Hall, where the sides of beef in the 'cold store' and the lambs and the turkeys were all produced by Vantage

Laura Ashley

Over three years we worked as strategic and creative consultants, producing window and instore displays for the flagship, high street stores and concessions promoting fashion and homewares and new concepts for a stand alone wedding store. To ensure continuity across the country, we designed visual merchandising guidelines and produced a display and visual merchandising manual for each of our schemes.

Waterford Wedgwood

Over 4 years working with Waterford Wedgwood we produced a series of window and instore displays for their

London flagship store on Regent Street, with display kits for their concession throughout the UK and Europe.  

Our product displays and visual merchandising increased sales of their classic lines by 30%.

Clarks & K Shoes

We worked with Clarks & K Shoes for 8 years during which time we developed new brand identities, new concept stores and concessions, display schemes and graphics.

A small selection of other projects