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Main activities


Resonance 104.4 FM; live broadcast and soundscape.


The Spike

a willow structure by Gwenda Mark on the Seven Dials pillar.


The Lovers

willow design by Michael Woods, realisation by Gwenda Mark.


Seven Days in Seven Dials

fotoskwot, a group of seven photographers commissioned to capture seven days in Seven Dials.



3 screen video installation  by filmmaker Antrea Harlin.


The Kissing Book

photographer Roger Molloy showed a small selection from a very big collection of photographs of kissing couples all spotted on Neal Street.


Magician (Enchanter II)

Jon Fawcett enacts one of his performanc art pieces on the streets of Seven Dials.


Seven Dials Past & Present

images from photographer Rob Moore, famous for his documentation of the Royal Opera House redevelopment.



an interactive installation by John Dummett

A three day arts, entertainment and promotional celebration of the sense of place of one of central London’s most vibrant quarters. Originated and produced by Haring Woods. Funded by Shaftesbury PLC, and retailers.


Curator; Eileen Woods

Executive Producer; Michael Woods

Graphic Design; Michael Woods

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