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Whatever it is that makes up the chemistry of attraction, creativity, collaboration and ultimately personal satisfaction- its been working for us for 28 years. Individually and as a partnership, we do what we like doing, finding people who like to work with us and money to make it happen.


Eileen Haring Woods is a creative and strategic consultant, an artist, curator, and producer. Originally from New York City, she has made London home for over thirty years. Her background includes art, music, theatre, film, design and production. Throughout her career she has worked with international creative legends, political, cultural and faith leaders, local heroes and her family. Her practice as a curator, artistic director and producer has included large scale, interdisciplinary live events, film festivals, arts and environment festivals, theatrical parades, experimental research and development arts programming and public art. Within the commercial creative industries work with international brands has included brand development and promotion, roadshows, press and PR. She was also a Director of the London based VGroup of companies providing comprehensive creative and production services to the arts, entertainment and promotions industry worldwide.


As the artistic director of Haring Woods Studio since 1996, Eileen has originated and produced cultural initiatives primarily in and about common spaces and the public realm. HWS has been commissioned

by landmark venues, local authorities, property developers, Arts Council England, international brands, media groups and the United Nations Environment Programme.  As a consultant to Westminster City Council, London for over ten years, she provided creative and strategic expertise to a wide range of environment and planning initiatives.  


Following many years working together with Professor Ben Barber on the Interdependence Movement, The Art of Common Space and a range of city visioning initiatives, Eileen Woods was appointed Executive Director of the Global Parliament of Mayors Project in January 2014, to steer the development phase through the launch in The Hague in September 2016.

She continues her work with the GPM as a member of the Consultative Committee and is developing the GPM Cultural Program.



Career highlights include: Broadway shows, New York Film Festivals, London Film Festivals, Museum of the Moving Image (London), Regent Street Christmas Lights, London's Grand Christmas Parade, Covent Garden Flower Festival, 10 years consulting with the City of Westminster, the Seven Dials Festival, Artistic Director of Gunpowder Park (UK), The Art of Common Space and Bright Sparks R&D.  She has been an active member of business, community and arts associations in New York and London and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Michael is a designer, illustrator and art director. He has extensive experience in both 2D and 3D design for commercial and decorative arts products and collaborations.  Inspiration for Michael’s designs comes from his interest in  primitive arts and cultures and from the British decorative arts tradition. After many years working as a designer for international lifestyle brands, department store groups and high street stores, he  launched a new design brand, Zoe-Est Studio specialising in the design and production of original decorative arts for retail and wholesale. And his own work as a designer and illustrator can be seen in Michael Woods Studio.


Career highlights include: MD and CEO of Vantage Design, Vantage Productions & Events and the VGroupof companies over 30 years; leading retail design, brand development, promotions, specialist build, production, management and technical services to the arts and entertainment industries worldwide. Designer of Regent Street Christmas Lights, 8 years art director and designer for Clarks and K Shoes, Harrods window and in store displays and grottoes, Art director and producer of London's Grand Christmas Parade(3 yrs) and Covent Garden Flower Festival (5yrs).  Executive Director of Gunpowder Park and Green Heart Partnership; award winning complex public/private sector arts and environment initiatives.

Eileen Haring Woods, Artistic Director

Senior Partner

Michael Woods

Senior Partner

Haring Woods Studio was formed in 1996 to pursue our shared interests  in arts, design and communication in the public realm.