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Interdependence Movement Global Steering Committee 2012

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Unique in the Universe is a self funded art project which considers our uniqueness and our interdependence through a participatory art process which involves conversation, filming, public and online screenings, dialogues and debates.


Interdependence begins with communication and while we might not be able to undersand each others spoken or written language, we can look at each other to find trust and respect. And through this challenging, immediate interaction, we all work towards a more peaceful and cohesive society.


Eileen Haring Woods has developed this new participatory art work, the EYE TAKE, which brings together the artist and the subject for a one to one session of conversation and filming.


The conversation considers the definitions of uniqueness and interdependence, as they relate to the individual.  The filming, over 2 to 3  minutes, allows the individual to communicate through their gaze to our global audience.  


Individual EYE TAKE sequences are edited into short films which are projected onto buildings. It is the quality of the light of the projected image in twilight and night time, and the gathering of friends and strangers in the democracy of public space which provokes dialogue.

The first participant is the actress Diana Quick whose eyes appear as the first film sequence.


Commissioned work includes individual EYE TAKE photographic prints, with a portion of the commission supporting our developing outreach programme.We invite you to participate in this inspiring new creative vision.  For details please email

Visit for full details.